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Business Pac have been providing businesses throughout the UK with printed carrier bags: paper cotton plastic UK lead time in 2 weeks made of bio-polythene paper cotton canvas jute and all general packaging materials such as printed packaging tape for nearly twenty years!

We are experts in the printing process and can offer an unparalleled level of service to our customers. From design through to print we are on hand to advise our clients and provide the best service possible.

We are a manufacturer of bio-polythene / paper / cotton / canvas and jute carrier bags

All our printed carrier bags: paper cotton plastic UK are made of bio-polythene paper canvas and cotton and can be printed in 1- 4 spot colours and in CMYK process print on both sides of the bags

Bio-polythene carrier bags come in four different styles such as punched out handle / patch handle / flexiloop handle and duffle style

Our paper carrier bags come in two different styles twisted paper handle and rope handle carrier bags (this bag is the more expensive because it is laminated with a rope handle) and it has a 3 week lead time not 2 because it takes longer to manufacture

Then you have the cotton carrier bags / canvas and jute bags

So if you are after a printed bag for your retail outlet(s) or for a promotional event then any of these bags will fit the bill and save you money

All our polythene or some say plastic carrier bags are manufactured in the UK but only using Bio-Polythene materials but if you want a truly 100 % eco-friendly plastic carrier bag then go for our new corn starch bags which are made from 100 % corn starch

Almost all of our printed bags are made in the UK within a 2 – 3 week lead time because we use our owm machines to do so

We as a Company are always trying to find ways to keep it green

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Rope handle carrier bag

Rope handle paper carrier bags