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Many businesses are turning the supermarkets change of direction to their advantage: the humble carrier bag is now a high profile brand statement and marketing opportunity, enabling any business to offer a carrier bag to their customers with their logo and contact details printed on the side. Many businesses have also recognised the opportunity that ‘green marketing’ presents, led by big Brand leaders such as Unilever who believe that green marketing should be considered mainstream and no longer as an adjunct to any company’s mainstream marketing strategy. This reflects the importance that consumers attach to the environment and their concerns over global warming. Consumers now vote with their ‘green pound’ selecting which brands to buy, depending on their mission statement, values and attitudes towards the environment. There are several different types of carrier bags - businesses can choose from the simple, lightweight, vest style plastic bag, to a heavy duty plastic bag, but the main ones they are now selecting, based on consumer preference, is a paper carrier bag or a woven/jute carrier bag as these represent the most environmentally friendly bags. Only about 1% - 2% of plastic bags are recycled and, even if they are, the economics of recycling plastic does not make the process that beneficial for the environment. Whatever type of bag is selected, the versatile range means there is bound to be a type and style at the right price to suit your tastes and budget.


The best companies out there avoid using harmful chemicals and make their carrier bags with natural materials where possible. Both paper carrier bags and cotton/hemp/jute bags are biodegradable, safe for daily use, can be recycled and reused (although the cotton bag is more durable than the paper carrier bag) and safely disposed of at the end of their usefulness.


The carrier bag represents a very cost effective, ubiquitous, marketing opportunity enabling brands to be seen every day, all day, on the high street. They are suitable for use by any type of business. Your carrier bag supplier will be able to handle the entire process from artwork supplied, reproducing your logo, any strap line, or promotional message, and contact details in the colours specified. Where possible, environmentally friendly inks are used, leaving you with a very cost effective and powerful way to advertise your company. In addition, gifts, giveaways or information can be enclosed in the carrier bag and, often, your carrier bag supplier will be able to offer a personalised fulfillment/packing service and deliver the finished items to your premises or direct to your exhibition stand if they are for a show. With carrier bags your customers are happy to become your walking billboards.

Flexiloop Handle

Vest Style Handle

Punch Out Handle

Patch Handle

Duffle Style Handle

Clipclose Handle

Punched Out Handle

Punched out handle polythene carrier bag made in the UK from photo degradable polythene.


Patch Handle

Patch handle polythene carrier bag made in the UK from photo degradable polythene, ideal for carrying heavier items. A patch is applied to the inside to provide additional strength.


Flexiloop Handle

Flexiloop handle polythene carrier bag using handles available in a range of contrasting colours, ideal for retailers. Made in the UK from photo degradable polythene.


Duffle Style Handle

Duffle style handle polythene long life carrier bag with external rope handle and string for easy carrying.


Clip Close Handle

Clip close handle carrier bag, smart and functional, for multi-purpose use.


Vest Style (T-Shirt)

Vest style short life polythene carrier bag ideal for retail outlets of all types.

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