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Printed Mailing Bags


Printed Mailing Bags are manufactured in our factory in the UK using polythene materials which are ideal for carrying heavier items. Our mailing bags can be printed in various colours and thickness’s


What else can we manufacture apart from Printed Mailing Bags

Here at BusinessPac we have been manufacturing printed carrier bags UK for 18 years


We can print various styles of polythene / plastic printed carrier bags UK as follows:


Punched out handle carrier bags


Patch handle carrier bags


Duffle style handle carrier bags


Vest style carrier bags


All our polythene / plastic printed carrier bags are manufactured in the UK using bio-polythene materials so you can be sure of doing your bit for the enviroment for the world we live in.


Other ranges / styles we can also manufacture is printed paper carrier bags UK in the following styles:


Twisted paper handle carrier bags (white or brown)


Paper tape handle carrier bags (white or brown)


Rope handle carrier bags (gloss or matt finish)


Rope handle laminated carrier bags (gloss or matt finish)


Furthermore we can manufacture cotton carrier bags / canvas carrier bags & jute carrier bags all can also be printed carrier bags UK so we can cater for all your needs when it comes to printed carrier bags from the UK


Because we manufacture we can also turn your carrier bags and your printed mailing bags around very quickly from plastic polythene paper cotton canvas jute mailing bags they can all be manufactured using various print options and colour options


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About BusinessPac

BusinessPac are a carrier bag manufacturer and wholesaler of printed carrier bags. Eco friendly paper, plastic, polythene and cotton / canvas / jute carrier bags. Contact us for a free, no obligation quotation today.

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